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Photo's on this site are courtesy of Shelia Gutteridge, Helen A R Voegt,
Bruce Kitchin, Emma Fielding, Michael Fenton(Fenny), & Josie Slater.
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Please click here to help restore me.
The Conservatory in  2017

For an airel view of the Conservatory please go to this link.

Time & the weather has taken it's toll on this unique stucture. The ironwork is rusting inside and out, many of the glass panes are broken, the woodwork is rotten and most of the tropical plants are tightly packed and have outgrown their 'home'. The conservatory is now closed to visitors.

We want to transform the Conservatory back to its former glory and establish this very fine and locally loved building once more as the centre piece and focal point of the outstanding Corporation Park. Many local people who live in the area and people who have moved out of the area have very fond memories of the park and the Conservatory. Mr Wayne Hemingway who grew up in Blackburn was recently in town and ran through every nook and cranny of the park. He said 'the Conservatory is indeed very beautiful, the park is looking magnificent and the town can be very proud of what the supporters group and others are doing to ensure that Corporation Park retains its beauty'.

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The Supporters Group of Corporation Park
have been volunteering and working together enthusiastically for 19 years.
This conscientious, professional & caring group of people volunteer together helping to protect and improve the quality of the park and its environment for the benefit of the whole community.
The group currently consists of Blackburn parks employees, volunteers & local residents.
However, the Corporation Park Supporters Group (CPSG) is open to all and is free to join.
The current Chairman of the Supporters Group is Mrs Cheryl O'Malley

The new outdoor gym based on the Broadwalk was opened on Sunday 11 December 2016 at the Santa Dash event, and it is already proving very popular with local residents.
Pictured are Cheryl the CPSG Chairman with the Mayor and Mayoress.

The Gym was paid for by SITA UK.
SITA UK is a British waste management and recycling company, established in 1988, and is management company with a vision.
'We want to live in a society where there is no more waste, a society where waste materials are reused, recycled or recovered for their energy content'.

They work with businesses and local authorities to reduce the impact of their waste on the environment. They also look to establish close links with local communities, supporting local causes as well as contributing to national charities through their Giving Something Back programme.
The CPSG grant application for the outdoor gym was accepted by SITA in October 2016.