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Corporation Park is registered by English Heritage as a Grade II* Park and Garden of Special Historic Interest.

The Supporters Group of Corporation Park are a conscientious, professional & caring group of people volunteering together helping to protect and improve the quality of the park and its environment for the benefit of the whole community.
The Corporation Park Supporters Group (CPSG) is open to all and is free to join.
If you have any Park or Conservatory related issues you would like to discuss,
please contact us via our facebook page or email

The main priority of the group is now to focus on community involvement in the park. To this end the park supporters group are putting on a range of events in the park this year, the first one of which is an International Women's day event.
We have also been working with the towns environmental department to have the main playground re refurbished which will be done by May 2020.

In addition the supporters group have spent 350 volunteer hours renovating the Gatehouse creating a more user friendly, safer environment and welcoming space for the Park Supporters Group, community groups, local residents and park users. The CPSG aim to create this as an inclusive space, to bring people together regardless of culture, faith and background, to meet, socialise, network and form friendships leading towards greater integration and wellbeing. The use of the gatehouse can be handed over to future members of the park supporters group, and future generations of the community can use it to continue to build inclusive and stronger communities.

Two of the rooms in the gatehouse before the renovation in October 2019
Two of the rooms after renovations on December 2019.
With funding from New Ground and Our Community Our Future the Gatehouse has been fully restored.

Thank you to everyone who assisted with the outstanding renovations
The grand Opening of the Gatehouse by the Mayor of Blackburn and his consort Mark, and photography exhibition 13th December 2019
Feb 2020:This winning playground design has been selected to create a 135k new play area.
Sunday 8th March 2020 Wellness workshop in the gatehouse
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